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We use the most advanced, proven anesthetics so our treatments are pain-free.

Make an appointment today - prevention is better than cure.

15% discount for patients from outside London/ PAYMENT IN INSTALMENTS


Comprehensive dental care for adults and children. We speak English, Polish and Lithuanian. At our surgery, every patient can expect a safe and comfortable treatment and a personalised, individual approach.

We treat children and adults.

Dental hygiene

We offer a full range of routine conservative dentistry, i.e. treatment of dental caries (tooth decay and cavities). The most important basic treatments include cleaning and preparing the tooth and filling the cavity with a suitable material. Our fillings are made of the highest quality light cure resin based composites. We don't charge for anaesthesia.

It's better to prevent dental problems than to have to treat them later. We really believe in prevention and that's why we offer free checkups and consultations as well as up to 30% discount on our prevention package consisting of Scale, polish, sandblasting& fluoride varnish, as compared to purchasing these treatments individually. Children are welcome for familiarisation visits from 18 months old.

Implantology, bone augmentation

Root canal treatment

Dental implants are certainly the best method for replacing missing teeth and are modern, practical, durable and much more comfortable than traditional dentures.  We use implants produced by the Swiss company Zimmer. We also carry out bone agumentation, which might be necessary when the patient does not have enough healthy bone to support implants.

We carry out a full range of endodontics, or root canal treatment: X-rays, anesthesia, canal preparation, dressing, tooth reconstruction on the basis of fiberglass or precious metals inserts.

Prosthodontics and orthodontics

Cosmetic dentistry

We offer a full range of prosthetic services. These include crowns (temporary and permanent, porcelain, metal or zirconia based), complete acrylic dentures, partial dentures, denture repairs. We treat malocclusion using removable or permanent orthodontic retainers (braces).  Orthodontic treatment is not just for children. It is often necessary before fitting dentures or implants.

You can afford whiter, better looking teeth. We have take-home whitening treatments (trays & gel), and perform power whitening in the surgery using the Beyond whitening accelerator light. A combination of these two treatments is also available, as well as veneers, fillings and crowns always perfectly matching your natural teeth colour. We will look after your smile!


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